2006 Mid-Season NBA Breakdown of the Orlando Magic

What has changed? Steve Francis was assuredly traded afterwards months of agitation with the Magic organization. There was a lot to fix with the Magic even with Francis, and now they’re apprenticed to abatement to one of the team’s worst.

Early on, the Magic had a appropriate action going. By slowing down the bold they were able to argue for the playoffs for the aboriginal few months. The Magic were in the top 5 in credibility accustomed as of December 5th. Since again the aegis has absolutely torn down and acquiesce 96.2 per contest.

The aggregation does accept its ablaze spots. Acknowledgment to Dwight Howard the Magic are in the top 10 in FG%. Howard leads the League in airy and array 15.6. With cutting he has all the abeyant to be the next Kevin Garnett. And acknowledgment to players like Turkoglu and Garrity Orlando is a acceptable 3P-shooting team.

Like a lot of teams, their success circles about the PG. When Steve Francis denticulate just 9.7 over a 6-game span, the Magic absent all 6 games. With Francis as the PG the breach was never set up appropriately and Orlando was 29th in APG. He committed the 3rd a lot of turnovers in the NBA and his aggregation was 24th in turnovers.

Orlando just didn’t accept the cadre to chase Brian Hill’s aegis style. They’re 22nd in blocks, 27th in steals, 26th in banishment turnovers and 20th in rebounding. The alone guys to boilerplate a accomplished abduct per bold for the Magic are Jameer Nelson and Grant Hill.

Which brings me to injuries. Nelson and Dooling accept accumulated to absence 47 amateur and Grant Hill has absent 38 games. Abundant of their success or abridgement of it is due to Hill’s disability to break on the court. He should be able to play a lot of of the actual 29 games, but at this point it doesn’t amount much.

Orlando started out 18-22 but accept absent 12 of their endure 13. With an 8-game accident band and 7 amateur amid them and the Sixers, the Magic’s affairs are abbreviate to none. With the division asleep the a lot of they can achievement for is development amid Milicic, Ariza and Howard.

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