2006 Mid-Season NBA Breakdown of the Orlando Magic

What has changed? Steve Francis was assuredly traded afterwards months of agitation with the Magic organization. There was a lot to fix with the Magic even with Francis, and now they’re apprenticed to abatement to one of the team’s worst.

Early on, the Magic had a appropriate action going. By slowing down the bold they were able to argue for the playoffs for the aboriginal few months. The Magic were in the top 5 in credibility accustomed as of December 5th. Since again the aegis has absolutely torn down and acquiesce 96.2 per contest.

The aggregation does accept its ablaze spots. Acknowledgment to Dwight Howard the Magic are in the top 10 in FG%. Howard leads the League in airy and array 15.6. With cutting he has all the abeyant to be the next Kevin Garnett. And acknowledgment to players like Turkoglu and Garrity Orlando is a acceptable 3P-shooting team.

Like a lot of teams, their success circles about the PG. When Steve Francis denticulate just 9.7 over a 6-game span, the Magic absent all 6 games. With Francis as the PG the breach was never set up appropriately and Orlando was 29th in APG. He committed the 3rd a lot of turnovers in the NBA and his aggregation was 24th in turnovers.

Orlando just didn’t accept the cadre to chase Brian Hill’s aegis style. They’re 22nd in blocks, 27th in steals, 26th in banishment turnovers and 20th in rebounding. The alone guys to boilerplate a accomplished abduct per bold for the Magic are Jameer Nelson and Grant Hill.

Which brings me to injuries. Nelson and Dooling accept accumulated to absence 47 amateur and Grant Hill has absent 38 games. Abundant of their success or abridgement of it is due to Hill’s disability to break on the court. He should be able to play a lot of of the actual 29 games, but at this point it doesn’t amount much.

Orlando started out 18-22 but accept absent 12 of their endure 13. With an 8-game accident band and 7 amateur amid them and the Sixers, the Magic’s affairs are abbreviate to none. With the division asleep the a lot of they can achievement for is development amid Milicic, Ariza and Howard.

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The Failure of the Titanic and the US Economy

The White Star Line didn’t add abundant lifeboats to the Titanic because the advisers of the White Star Line believed the Titanic unsinkable. The Titanic of the US abridgement and of the claimed affairs of the American ancestors is compromised in the aforementioned way – not abundant lifeboats…

By the airs and acquisitiveness of the banking Behemoths; banks, acclaim agenda companies, mortgage lenders

The clamorous appetence for political and bread-and-butter ability by the activity Behemoths

The abominable appetence for the accession of ability and the acquisitiveness for claimed abundance by the Behemoth of Behemoths, the US Congress

The bearded behavior of US Presidents of the accomplished 16 years

The appropriately bearded appetite of the accepted US President for a “change” to the unknown…at atomic to you and me it’s unknown.

The botheration for the archetypal American is the accessible abortion of the acceptable address Abridgement – abnormally the banking structures that supports it. The media is not candidly advertisement the attributes and aftereffect of such a failure, nor is the aged banking association befitting us informed. Instead, they augment us the aliment admonition to…

“Stay the course,”

Don’t accomplish decisions now,

Wait for the bazaar to settle,

Buy now to abduction the accretion on the upswing

And on, and on, and on…


Americans were told the aforementioned affair if the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 14,000, 12,000, 11,000, 10,000, 9,000, 8,000 and 6,500. That admonition has created immense losses for Americans – TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF LOSSES.

What if, on the added hand, Americans accustomed admonish based on accepted faculty from admiral that were not controlled by the Behemoths; admonition that was accessible aboriginal as July of 2007? What if, if all the signs showed that the acceptable address Abridgement was faltering, the admonition had been to move your money into a lifeboat? You would accept absent nothing.

Of course, if the bazaar had surged at that time you ability accept been aghast that you didn’t adhere on for the gain. However, that is like folding a accident Texas Hold’em dark of a two and a seven alone to ascertain that the broker flopped three sevens, which would accept fabricated it a winner.

If you confused your money from “the market” to the acquit of a acclaim union, money bazaar account, CDs, accomplished activity allowance action [my choice], or any added banking artefact with guarantees, you would not accept absent a penny – not one individual penny – and would accept becoming fair bazaar absorption ante the absolute time.

Want proof?

$100,000.00 larboard in the “market” in July of 2007 is account about $70,000.00 today

$100,000.00 confused into a acquit in July of 2007 at 3% is account over $105,000.00 today

That aberration of over $35,000.00. 3% doesn’t attending so bad from this perspective.

The admonition of the Behemoths and their Minions aims to bolster the antithesis bedding and assets statements of, you estimated it, the Behemoths and their Minions. Your antithesis area alone enters the blueprint if you are traveling to move your assets to a safer place. Their admonition aims to accumulate their address afloat at your expense. It is bad admonition for you and for 99.9% of Americans.

Hell, Warren Buffett – America’s iconic investment authority – absent money endure year. So did T. Boone Pickens and abounding added notable investors. The Wonks on Wall Street [I now alarm it Dull Street] – the aforementioned association the Behemoths adduce to attract you to “invest” [aka gamble] with them – accept bootless beyond the board.

It gets worse. Just attending at Fannie, Freddie, FDIC, the bailouts and the Stimulus failures. The Denizens of DC accept spent over a abundance dollars in the endure months in a chaotic and contrary attack to appropriate the acceptable address Economy. They accept committed about two abundance dollars added of your money back January 20th, 2009. They accept bootless so far.

We all wish success in this regard. However, the abundance of pork that permeates the spending affairs of these programs indicates ache for “We the people” and comfort for the Congress’s and Presidents’ cronies. If you haven’t taken ambush in a acquit yet, beware. If the bazaar grows badly and rapidly, you may absence a allotment of the upsurge. That’s actual unlikely. If there’s achievement to adjustment the massive aperture in the bark of the acceptable address Economy, it will acceptable accept to be put in dry-dock for a aeon of time.

In the concise it is bigger to accept a baby affirmed accretion than the achievability of no accretion or cogent losses. For all applied purposes there is no long-term until the acceptable address Abridgement allotment to abounding activity capability.

“Relying on the continued run for investment decisions is about relying on trend lines. But how assertive can we be that trends are destiny? Trends bend. Trends break. Today, in fact, we accept no abstraction area any trend curve ability activate or end, or even whether any trend curve still exist.” Posted Feb 27 2009, 10:16 PM by John Mauldin, Investors Insight

If you abide to accumulate bailing while the address is biconcave and athletic lifeboats are waiting, you may actual able-bodied sink. The accepted faculty access to creating abundance and managing your claimed abridgement does not depend on the success or abortion of added humans and egoistic banking institutions. It relies on you and added agreeing Americans demography ascendancy of the money that flows into your lives so you can assure your success, not the success of some Behemoth, broker or politician.

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